Wheeler Station Antiques

425 Highway 101 North, Wheeler, OR
(503) 368-6210

Shoppers who love antiquing, especially through various knick knacks of all shapes in sizes, should head directly to downtown Wheeler. Wheeler Station Antiques is one of the town's long lasting roadside attractions, bringing in loads of visitors on a year round basis. This shop's vast store ranges from fine antique china sets to those quintessentially Oregon Coast, glass, Japanese Floats that periodically wash up on the sandy beaches. Embrace a rustic, chic make over for your home with classic style quilts, old farming carts or any other number of antique treasures that await you at Wheeler Station Antiques. Located just south of the main intersection across Highway 101, the establishment has been a mainstay business in Wheeler and shows no sign of slowing down. Any visitors enjoying the ambiance of downtown Wheeler are in for a treat if they make time to discover the wonderful antiques, gifts and souvenirs at Wheeler Station.