Wildlife Metal Art

37903 Labiske Lane, Astoria, OR
(503) 325-5318

For handmade metal cutlery artwork, check out Astoria-based Vern Wilson’s creations. The retired shipbuilder has been transforming gray steel into stunning works of art for nearly 40 years and says he was the first to develop the genre. His pieces can be found at his home gallery and workshop, or up and down the Oregon Coast at various restaurants, bars, hotels and galleries. Vern works with his son, Matthew Wilson, patiently cutting steel with torches, pounding out shapes using a traditional blacksmith anvil, polishing the steel with grinders and sanders, applying color and topping it all off with a clear coat. The end result is high quality artwork capturing the essence of the of Pacific Northwest wildlife, natural beauty, residents and way of life. Visit his shop and gallery and take a piece of Oregon's north coast home as a keepsake.