Manzanita Activities

No matter the location, season or reason, there is always something going on in Manzanita. As the community continuously grows, so does the chance to attend and participate in a variety of Manzanita activities and programs. Opportunities present themselves all year round when it comes to all the activities you can get in on. Whether you want more of an outdoor experience, a shopping adventure or a lesson in coastal ecology, there’s going to be something happening in and around Manzanita that is right for you. Want that dog-friendly festival on the beach? How about a summer festive farmer’s market just off the main strip? What about a walk through a sensitive coastal ecosystem to learn all about local flora and fauna? Winter and Fall have their own activities like bird watching and off-seasonal storm viewing for some outdoor excitement. If culture is your thing, then be sure to catch the area music festival. Or have you ever been to a guinea pig race? There’s likely a Manzanita activity planned for every day you're in town.

Keep Busy with Manzanita Activities!

The Manzanita activities and programs appeal to all ages. There are many programs offered by the local recreation district such as fitness, games and outdoor activities, and local non-profit creative studios put on weekend concert events, play performances and other seasonal celebrations that go into making Manzanita activities something truly special for everyone. These programs are not just in Manzanita, however. They also can be found throughout the Tri-Villages of Nehalem and Wheeler too. Attend a warm summer evening concert at a winery, or learn about invasive species on a nature walk. Educational activities and programs both indoor and outdoor await you in Manzanita. Be sure to check the listings below for the various activities and programs you can participate in.