Manzanita Dining Promotions

Manzanita restaurants lend themselves to dining promotions! With their super friendly, easy-going atmospheres, it just makes sense that a dining promotion that’s designed to pull guests in on a regular basis would be part of what’s offered. Who wouldn’t want to gather a bunch of friends together every Tuesday night for baby back ribs or to hit a local whiskey bar every Thursday evening for trivia night? These dining promotions entice you to come back to your Manzanita restaurant of choice on a regular basis – think Taco Tuesdays or Jazz and Brunch Sundays. Even if you’re not local, so can’t show up every week, if you come into a restaurant on a night it’s offering a dining promotion, you’ll likely make new friends and leave feeling more like a local. You know the feeling of that bar where everybody knows your name? That’s the intention. Sometimes these dining promotions even come with discounted prices, but not always. And it’s not only Manzanita restaurants that offer promotions. You'll find them in restaurants all over the Tri-Villages area that includes Nehalem with those lovely river views and in Wheeler on the Nehalem Bay.

Manzanita Restaurants - Fun Promotions

By using the resources here that tell you all about the dining promotions at Manzanita restaurants and those throughout the Tri-Villages, you’ll be able to plan ahead and head out for a fun evening. Sure, these promotions are centered around food, but they’re intended to bring folks together too. Maybe there will be a night that pairs karaoke with pizza and beer (lots and lots of beer to make you get up there and sing, right?)? It’s all good food and good times. Some restaurants might pair a dining promotion with a seasonal theme, such as pics with Santa and pizza. Or an eatery might build a promotion around what local foods are in abundance at certain times of the year, such as a 2-for-1 oyster special. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, check back here often to see what’s happening.