Manzanita Restaurant Daily Specials

Manzanita restaurants are all pretty casual places that put a focus on simply being comfortable while you dine. There are lots of places with outdoor dining where you can also bring your dog – further evidence of the atmosphere you’ll find at most of these spots. When you think Manzanita restaurants, you mostly think comfort food: burgers, pizza, hot dogs and sandwiches, pub fare, fish and chips. But that’s not to say that there aren’t good steaks and other seafood to be had, and if you’re a fan of Mexican food (who isn’t?!), that’s an option too. So is Thai. All these restaurants will feature a daily special of some sort. These might be selections from the typical menu that are being featured, or it could be something new that the restaurant owner wants to bring to your attention. Sometimes the decision of what to put on special is based on the availability of seasonal, local foods. Whatever makes that menu item a daily special, our advice is to give it a try! This page shows the specials being offered at Manzanita restaurants, and it changes frequently, so check back often.

Manzanita Restaurant Specials: Liquid Gold

What if a Manzanita restaurant focuses more on specials of the drinkable kind? We mean, of course, the three staples: coffee, wine and whiskey! In this small beach town, you’ll be well taken care of in this arena. Kick back at a local winery around the outdoor fire pits and sample the small-batch wines produced in the Pacific Northwest. Pair them with the s’mores offered onsite and you have the perfect afternoon. If you’re hankering for a cocktail, you can get that too . . . shaken, not stirred, please. Area bartenders can create everything from classic concoctions to ones you might have never heard of before. And, coffee enthusiasts have several great choices to satiate that caffeine craving, perhaps paired with a tasty dessert.

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