Northern Oregon Coast Marijuana Products

High points of your time spent on the North Oregon Coast need not be limited to scaling the area’s mountains and cliffs. The majority of the state’s coast permits the retail for marijuana and its products. From dispensaries to headshops, licensed growers or any retailer with an OLCC license (Oregon Liquor Control Commission), a wide variety of Northern Oregon Coast marijuana products are available and at numerous businesses to purchase them. Choose pre-rolled joints for a convenient option. You can also get flowers (the leafy part of the marijuana referred to as "pot"), crumble and various form of concentrates and extract. Creative edibles are also popular on the Northern Oregon Coast, and you can try treats like fun-flavored candies or marijuana honey.

New to the world of marijuana retail? No need to be shy or intimidated. These budtenders know their trade and the North Oregon Coast marijuana products the shop specializes in. They’ll happily help any inexperienced users and offer recommendations to anyone looking to experiment with something new.

Rules and Regulations for Northern Oregon Coast Marijuana Products

There’s a little skunk weed savvy that you need to know before buying and using on the Northern Oregon Coast. Like other states that allow recreational marijuana sales, you must be at least 21 years old to buy. Buyers who are at least 18 years old can purchase products for medical purposes if they are OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) patients. While using is permitted, don’t plan on lighting up in public (and that includes vaping). Per day or per shop – whichever comes first – buyers can purchase up to a designated amount of products. The amounts and forms can get pretty specific, and if you feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of it, just field any questions to the shop clerks. For more information, check out our Northern Oregon Coast Marijuana page.