Northern Oregon Coast Restaurant Specials

Including Long Beach, WA, Restaurant Specials

You’ve spent a busy day out and about in the North Coast, perhaps beginning with a sunrise hiking trip, then a kayaking excursion and finally ending with a whale-watching adventure. Wherever each day takes you, you’ll want to visit Northern Oregon Coast restaurants to stay fueled for the activities. An advantage of these local restaurants is the laid-back vibe that characterizes many of them. It keeps the atmosphere comfortable for anyone rolling in looking like you’ve for sure spent your entire day outside. If you're this sort of diner, you’re likely ready to chow down on these Northern Oregon Coast restaurant specials. Menus at local restaurants contain variety and a world of delicious flavors, and the addition of daily specials enhances the dining experience. Northern Oregon Coast restaurant specials can take the form of drink specials at happy hours, deals on dishes (Tuna Tuesdays, anyone?), a product a local farmer brought to the restaurant or even a creative chef’s daily whims. But, whatever it is, if the chef has elevated it to Special status, it’s a clue that you should strongly consider ordering it.

Local Flavors Abound with North Oregon Coast Restaurant Specials

Ordering a daily special or popular dish is one of the best ways to taste the local food scene. A trend among Northern Oregon Coast restaurants is sourcing their ingredients from the region. As a result you’ll find that these restaurant specials often feature the season’s best and brightest food items. Seafood frequently steals the show at restaurants here, especially those that take advantage of regional ingredients. In the summer, for instance, salmon appears in many of the daily specials along with seasonal produce (though you can enjoy variations of both year round). Winter, on the other hand, reveals its own delicacies – imagine lingcod fillets over squid-ink risotto or a rich glass of red wine from a winery down the road. No matter the time of year or where you decide to eat, prepare for these restaurant specials to blow your mind – but not necessarily your budget!