Seaside, Oregon, Activities

Including Gearhart Activities & Programs

When you’re staying in Seaside, Oregon, and are looking for fun things to do, you’ll be happy to discover the variety of Seaside, Oregon, activities and programs that are happening all the time in the area. From farmers markets to dance instruction, beach volleyball tournaments and much more, there’s an activity and program planned to entice everyone! Seaside, Oregon, activities are well known for being kid and family friendly with activities like sand castle competitions, car and dog shows on the beach and seasonal markets and sporting events. Choose what strikes your fancy and join in! Taking part in Seaside activities is a perfect way to get to know the community better and to make new friends. There are ecologically friendly events like the famous SOLVE beach cleanup that’s fun for everyone involved as well as a great service to the environment!

In addition, you can seek out kayaking trips on the Necanicum River or hiking excursions to the State Park beaches to the North and South. Don’t forget the dogs on those hikes (but please pick up after them).

Seaside, Oregon, Activities for All Ages

Seaside, Oregon, activities aren’t just for the younger crowd, as there are a number of activities and planned programs that appeal to all ages, abilities and interest. Seaside and Gearhart host charity golf tournaments, American Regional Bridge Tournaments, square dancing, art walks and lots more, and these activities are held throughout the year. In fact, many activities have a seasonal bent to them. Want to take a leisurely stroll along the beach and learn something at the same time? Join in on ecologically friendly interpretive walks, sponsored by area non-profit organizations, that inform you on matters that are beach and coastal minded. Use the listings below so you can get the most out of your stay in Seaside, Oregon, and join in on all the planned activities and programs going on throughout the community!