Seaside, Oregon, Restaurants: Great Plates

Including Gearhart Restaurants: Great Plates

When you visit one of the many Seaside, Oregon, restaurants, there are probably a lot of things you’re taking in: the atmosphere, the other diners, the wait staff and, we hope!, the aromas surrounding you. All this is even before you take a look at the menu. But there’s one more thing you should consider before you even step foot into the restaurant, and that’s the Great Plates that these restaurants feature. There are certainly lots of yummy local food options designed to entice your tastes at all the Seaside, Oregon, restaurants. But all Seaside restaurants will have what they consider a Great Plate that they’re particularly proud of. Maybe it’s a menu item that they’ve become well known for. Perhaps it’s a new recipe the chef just created that he or she wants to make sure you consider trying. By taking some time to peruse these featured Great Plates in advance of your visit, you can arrive at your restaurant prepared. And, another bonus is that a featured Great Plate might entice you to try out a new place to dine. With all the good options out there, why narrow your choices! You’ll want to try them all!

Seaside, Oregon, Restaurant Great Plates Feature Local Foods

Locally inspired sushi rolls, Oregon Coast burritos and tacos, special salads that feature the area’s fresh veggies and fruits, the famous Netarts Bay oysters served in imaginative ways, Dungeness crab – all of these are on Seaside, Oregon, restaurants' Great Plates menus! And you can bet that area chefs have honed their craft to present these local foods in delicious combinations. Ever had an oyster shooter? Vodka + raw oyster = Amazing! You can see all that these restaurants have to offer in one easy place here! Remember that these featured items regularly change, so check back here often to be a fully informed Oregon Coast gourmand. We at have gone out to find the best Seaside restaurant’s (and Gearhart’s too!) great plate dishes that we know you’d love to try! Treat your palate to something special at all the Seaside area restaurants!