Nightlife in Seaside, Oregon

Including Gearhart Nightlife

When the wind and the waves die down, nightlife in Seaside, Oregon is just perking up. The coastal community features a plethora of events and activities during the daytime, but the nightlife is something to behold as well. Busy pubs and taverns, bars, dance clubs, karaoke and even nightly bowling events are common with nightlife in Seaside, Oregon. Offering visitors something fun and lively to do after dark enables Seaside excitement 24 hours, seven days a week! Once the sun goes down the lights shine bright down the main drag, and people start filling the sidewalks looking for fun things happening throughout the community. Evening concerts at local bars and other creative venues are always happening in Seaside as are other live shows like theater performances and outdoor concerts. Evening art gallery showings, exhibitions and galas are also regularly scheduled throughout the year. Seasonal holiday celebrations like 4th of July fireworks and Christmas season light shows are popular with everyone during the summer and winter seasons. Seaside, Oregon, nightlife events are bustling with festivities and fun for everyone with a desire to get out for a night on the town!

The Night Time is The Right Time for Nightlife in Seaside, Oregon!

For the folks who don’t wish to call it a night after the sun goes down, there are a number of Seaside, Oregon, nightlife events happening that can be there for the taking, if you just know how to find them! Take part in evening square dancing, ballroom and hip-hop lessons, and then take what you’ve learned to the local nightclub for an evening of raucous drinks and dancing. Attend a classy concert in an outdoor park under the stars, grooving to the sounds of the waves in the distance. Or see where the whims may take you by simply taking a walk down the classic promenade to experience nightlife in Seaside, Oregon, along the ocean’s edge. With all the opportunities we have provided for you here, you’ll absolutely find something to do when the sun sets in Seaside!

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E.g., 07/04/2020