Seaside, Oregon, Restaurant Specials

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One thing is for certain: You will not go hungry in Seaside, Oregon! And you won’t be bored with your choices either! With such a large number of culinary options available to you with Seaside, Oregon, restaurants, you could eat your way around town for weeks and never double back. And each and every one of our Seaside, Oregon, restaurants, features specials to entice the eating public (that would be all of us) into their specific place of business. Their specials are mostly items already on their menus that the chef or owner wants to draw attention to. Often the specials will be popular dishes the restaurant is known for. But it might just as easily be a new offering . . . and sometimes for a special price too! Do you have a hankering for the freshest-caught seafood such as Lingcod fillets over squid-ink risotto? How about a professionally crafted burger using some of the finest ingredients local farm sources can produce? Seaside restaurants are used to offering daily, weekly and seasonal special dishes that cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences.

Seaside, Oregon, Restaurant Specials: Fresh and Local!

Seaside, Oregon, restaurant chefs are some of the finest around, and they produce amazing specials with what they have available to them along the Northern Oregon Coast. Maybe a new shipment of Netarts or Willapa Bay oysters came in fresh off the boat, or a local artisan dairy dropped off a new cheese, perfect for that charcuterie. The Northern Oregon Coast is well known to have a litany of food sources available that provide a truly local flavor to area eatery menus. Regional sourcing has become the mainstay for Seaside, Oregon, restaurants to remain competitive among so many options. So much so that even the local taco trucks offer freshly procured ingredients! By using the listings here at, you can check out the specials our local restaurants are offering. Check back frequently because these specials change regularly.

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