Seaside, Oregon, Shopping

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Seaside, Oregon, shopping is as popular as the beach when it comes to things to do here. There are so many interesting shops that you could consider spending a good portion of your day wandering in and out of them at a leisurely pace, maybe stopping for a coffee and treat halfway through. There is everything that you’re looking for and plenty that will surprise you when it comes to Seaside, Oregon, shops. Want a Seaside-inspired t-shirt to bring back home with you? There are plenty of places to find one! Fine-quality local artwork, classic coastal antiques and men’s and women’s apparel are also options with Seaside, Oregon, shopping. Kids will love the toy stores, candy shops and travel trinkets outlets. You grownups will appreciate the gift boutiques, hat and leather shops, jewelry stores, bookstores and surf shops. Maybe a trip to the liquor store or to stock up on wine and beer is on your list? And, if you really want to dive into shopping, you can visit the local outlet mall where you’ll appreciate the discounted prices and big collection of well-known stores. Of course, all the basics that you need are conveniently located here too: grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware, garden centers, automotive supplies and more.

Seaside, Oregon, Shopping: Tattoos and Marijuana

If you’ve been wanting to add to your body artwork (or get your first!), you’ll be happy to know that the Seaside, Oregon, shopping scene includes quality tattoo shops with artists who have years’ worth of experience, steady hands and super-clean facilities. And mingled in with all the other shops in town are also cannabis dispensaries where budtenders can help direct you to the strains, concentrates and products available. As with alcohol, you must be 21 to buy (though that rule changes if you’re a registered medical marijuana patient), and a valid photo ID is required. Some shops have installed the CanPay system where you pay via the app, making it way more convenient than having to use cash. If you’ve never been in one of these dispensaries, you might want to visit just to see the amazing variety!

Seaside Shopping by Area

Cleanline Surf Company

Seaside Shopping
60 N. Roosevelt Drive, Seaside, OR
(503) 738-7888
Cannon Beach Shop
(503) 436-9726
(888) 546-6176

It’s almost like your mom works at Cleanline Surf Company. The friendly and knowledgeable staff goes out of their way to make customers feel extra special with little extras like handwritten notes, candy and stickers tucked into online purchases before they’re delivered. Established in 1980, Cleanline Surf is locally owned and operated and specializes in quality handpicked surf, skate, stand-up paddleboad (SUP) and kitesurf gear. more

It’s almost like your mom works at Cleanline Surf Company. The friendly and knowledgeable more