Seaside, Oregon, Attractions

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With the abundance of Seaside, Oregon, attractions, the trick for visitors isn't finding one that appeals, it's finding time to visit all the appealing sites! Seaside, Oregon, attractions vary from outdoors to inside, relaxed to energizing, kid-attracting to what the young ones might call "too educational" (take them anyway!). Explore the views by visiting some local hiking trails, or check out Seaside, Oregon, like never before on the water’s surface with a paddleboat, kayak or standup paddleboard. Visit area historic attractions to learn about significant times in history such as the pinnacle years of our native population, the two years of the Lewis and Clark expedition and early settlement in Seaside. There are numerous museums, sites and area attractions that make Seaside, Oregon, a destination where it's perfectly logical that you'd spend a day or two just attractions hopping. Visit the indoor carnival venues for year-round thrills like bumper cars, shooting galleries, arcades, bowling and the food that typically goes with it all! Learn about Seaside sealife at the classic, and historical, aquarium, or spend some time getting to know more about coastal ecology. Seaside, Oregon, attractions offer an educational, entertaining and exciting experience for you and the entire family. And don’t forget your furry companion as most areas in Seaside are pet friendly!

Beyond Seaside, Oregon, Attractions

Seaside, Oregon, attractions will keep you busy, but if you’re a fan of the little white, dimpled ball, you owe it to yourself to venture off the beaten track just a smidge. Gearhart is just north of Seaside, Oregon, and offers an attraction its neighbor to the south doesn’t have, namely golf! Golf is the main draw in Gearhart, Oregon, as it claims one of the oldest golf courses on the entire Oregon Coast, making it both an attraction and recreation! Visitors come to Gearhart year round to drive the fairways and putt the greens and to have a relaxing stay while still being within close proximity of Seaside proper. Enjoy world-class scenic views while launching balls skyward or perfecting your putting game, and afterward be sure to stop by the famous brewpub that sits on the edge of the greens, allowing a great way to spend a day in Gearhart. And when you’re done you can head back to Seaside for the active nightlife, strolls along the beachside promenade or dinner at one of the many restaurants.

Seaside Aquarium

Seaside Attractions
200 North Prom, Seaside, OR
(503) 738-6211

The Seaside Aquarium is a family favorite with it near 100 species of marine life, and it's also one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast. It established the first program to breed harbor seals in captivity and allows visitors the chance to feed the popular seal family. The aquarium’s Discovery Center features microscopes to view their tiniest creatures and an expert staff to answer more

The Seaside Aquarium is a family favorite with it near 100 species of marine life, more