Tillamook Shopping – Must Haves

Including Bay City, Netarts, Oceanside, Garibaldi & Rockaway Beach

Tillamook is an area known for offering certain goods that you can’t get just anywhere. Whether it’s coveted products like a pint of specialty ice cream and cheese made from Tillamook cows or a type of hiking shoe that every local has, no visit to Tillamook shops – much less to the Tillamook area – would be complete without these shopping Must Haves. Must Haves are pretty self-explanatory in that shop owners, clerks and locals know that these items are ones you definitely need. That may be because you can only get them in Tillamook shops or because they’re too cool not to snag if the opportunity arises. All sorts of shops have their own selection of Must Haves. Specialty markets boast local food items. Find treasures of yesteryear at vintage and antique stores. One-of-a-kind finds at consignment shops make you feel thrifty and stylish. Farmers markets allow you to mix and mingle with the region’s farmers, artists and other producers, and you can get their top recommendations of what you must have. The options for Tillamook shopping Must Haves are many!

Why Choose Tillamook Shops

The towns in Tillamook County, including Bay City, Garibaldi, Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City and Rockaway Beach, all have their own personalities. They’re different from other North Coast towns, and the local businesses reflect this. Funky arts and crafts stores invite you to explore your creative side. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty at florist shops. Get a memento from a gift store to remember a trip to one of Tillamook’s quirky museums or an experiential activity. Even the knowledgeable staff at cannabis stores can offer suggestions of their favorite or most popular Must Haves. Tillamook shopping items make amazing gifts if you’re shopping for out-of-town friends and family members. After all, there’s no better way to showcase your lovely home than with some of best and brightest local products. Be sure to check out our Tillamook Shopping page to learn about all of the retail opportunities in the area.