Tillamook Shopping Sales

Including Bay City, Netarts, Oceanside, Garibaldi & Rockaway Beach

We know that most people come to the North Coast for its incredible landscape and abundance of outdoor activities. However, you’d be remiss to not include the area’s shops on your to do list. Tillamook shops may not be the retail attraction that you find in some of the North Coast’s other towns, but there’s no denying that they have personality and flair that you won’t want to miss during your time in Tillamook. Get Tillamook cheese, succulent artichokes, funky clothes from consignment stores, a brilliant bouquet of flowers, outdoor gear or the basic necessities that you need from day to day – there’s something for every shopper and every shopping need. And, guess what? It’s made all the better when you can get any of these items on sale. Take advantage of Tillamook shopping sales and events to get what you need – and better yet, what you want – without breaking the bank. Our listings below guide you to the sales and events currently happening at all the stores in Tillamook, Bay City, Netarts, Oceanside, Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach.

How to Find Tillamook Shopping Sales

Now that we’ve piqued your attention with Tillamook shopping sales, it’s time to deliver by helping you find them. Since much of the North Coast’s activity is on a seasonal basis, you can locate shops’ sales and events depending on the time of year. Many shops, especially those that specialize in outdoor gear and apparel, will have sales as the seasons change. If you’re thinking of getting new outerwear or hiking gear, save it for an end-of-summer shopping trip when you can score those items on sale. Shopping sales may also coincide with holidays, like the Fourth of July and the winter holidays. This timing can be a lifesaver as you’re busy with gift shopping – give visiting family and friends the gift of Tillamook with specialty items such as regional cheese or wine from a local winery. To learn more about all the retail options in the area, check out our Tillamook Shopping page.