Brookings, Oregon

In a lush setting bordered by freshwater, sea and craggy shoreline, Brookings, Oregon, offers a quiet city surrounded by an irresistible natural environment. It draws people to its forest-covered hills, rocky overlooks of the ocean, beaches where sea stacks jut upward and tide pools. Brookings, Oregon, is part of Oregon’s Banana Belt, named for the warm weather patterns that make the South Oregon Coast pleasant any time of year. After all, who can resist a 70 degree day in the dead of winter?

At just 6 miles north of the California border, the seaside city is bounded by the Chetco River and Port of Brookings Harbor in the north and Harris Beach State Park in the south. The gorgeous flora and fauna supported by the area’s environment have resulted in Brookings, Oregon, being designated as one of the country’s 16 Azalea Cities. It’s also a Monarch City, so while hiking around the state parks or sitting on a bench in Azalea Park, open your eyes and nose to the bounty of butterflies and flowers surrounding you.

Get to Know Brookings, Oregon

Brookings, Oregon, originally established itself as a hub for lumber and for commercial fishing. Those industries remain alive and well today, and they still ground the local economy. In fact, Brookings, Oregon, depends less on its tourism industry than most towns on Oregon’s coast. But don’t go thinking it’s not equipped to handle plenty of vacationers. Curry County’s largest city, Brookings isn’t only known for its exceptional outdoor environment and all of the activities it enables. It’s also known for its locally owned shops and high-quality restaurants. An involved and close-knit community of residents makes Brookings, Oregon, a desirable place to call home and a destination that’s equally as fun for visitors to explore and enjoy. Discover it for yourself through this guide!

Play in Brookings, Oregon

Brookings, Oregon, hosts an impressive number of Oregon’s natural attractions and wilderness areas. Whether you want to spend time on a boat, a paddleboard, kayak, bike or your own two feet, you can count on multiple places outfitted for whatever outdoor adventure you’re wanting. As an Azalea City, it seems fitting that the Azalea Park downtown is a major attraction. Additionally, it’s a place to play sports, have a picnic, take in a performance, let the kids burn off energy at the playground or just relax, all while surrounded by azalea bushes’ brilliant fuchsia, magenta, blush and white hues during the late spring.  And cyclists, rejoice: Brooking, Oregon's, reputation as a bike-friendly place guarantees opportunities for sightseeing the town by pedal power or taking to trails that wind through the surrounding area.

Brookings, Oregon, Restaurants

An array of restaurants with diverse flavors and fare line Chetco Avenue, the main strip through downtown Brookings – known regionally as U.S. Highway 101. For visitors passing through town on their way up or down the coastline, this makes Brookings, Oregon, an excellent stopping point to take a break, grab a bite and, quite literally, smell the flowers. There are a few chain restaurants here, but the majority of Brookings, Oregon, restaurants are independent establishments owned by locals. Tuck into fresh-from-the-river or ocean seafood, served in a variety of preparations. Savoring local flavors is always a good way to go, but sometimes you’re in the mood for the out of the ordinary. Fortunately, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Italian restaurants satisfy those cravings.

Shopping in Brookings, Oregon

If you’re looking to shop locally and do business directly with store owners, the Brookings, Oregon, shopping scene is where you want to be. The seaside setting influences many of these businesses, and you’ll see what we mean in the vibes at art galleries, specialty markets, gift shops and other spots. Find treasures tucked away in stores full of antiques and collectible items. Get the makings for a gourmet seafood dinner at specialty markets. Have friends or family far away? Find a special piece of handcrafted art or Brookings-branded swag to give them a gift of South Oregon Coast flare.

Brookings, Oregon, Hotels

If you’re vacationing here or simply passing through and make the excellent choice of spending the night, then you need to find the right accommodations. Tourism may not be the biggest money maker in Brookings, Oregon, but the town still pulls out all the stops for its visitors and ensures that everyone has comfortable stays. Roadtrippers stopping for the evening can rest their heads in motels and motor lodges located along the highway. For couples, picturesque beds and breakfasts offer a haven for romantic getaways. Relax in the luxury accommodations at oceanfront resorts with all the amenities you could possibly want. Don’t limit yourself to looking only at Brookings, Oregon, hotels in the downtown section; the surrounding area also includes a number of hotels and Brookings, Oregon, vacation rentals. Places such as these put you in a prime position to embark down the hiking trails or walk to the beach – wasting no time.

Brookings, Oregon, Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Brookings, Oregon?

Right off of U.S. Highway 101, Brookings, Oregon, is an easy stopping point for travelers heading north or south along the Oregon Coast. For people coming in from the Rogue Valley area, head west on Route 199 (the Redwood Highway) until it connects with Highway 101. For air travel the Del Norte County Regional Airport in Crescent City, CA, is the closest – just 30 minutes south of the city. For a larger airport hub, the Rogue Valley International – Medford Airport is about a 2.5-hour drive along OR Route 199. 

Where should I go For whale watching?

Winter and summer bring optimal whale watching opportunities to Brookings, Oregon. The winter season lasts from January through March, and the summer begins in June and continues into November. To see these majestic creatures, head to Harris Beach State Park for one of the premier vantage points on the Oregon Coast.

What’s the weather in Brookings, Oregon?

As far as weather goes on the coast, Brookings, Oregon, experiences some of the most moderate conditions. Dry summers have pleasant temperatures that rarely climb above mid-70 degrees. In the winter, a proper jacket is all you need to face the cool, drizzly days. Temperature averages hover between 43 and 67 degrees throughout the year.

Can I rent Azalea Park for my special event?             

Azalea Park is a renowned venue in Brookings, Oregon. If you’re in the city and looking for a place to hold a birthday party, wedding, reception or reunion, Azalea Park has areas designated just for that.