Gold Beach, Oregon

Despite its glitzy-sounding name, Gold Beach, Oregon, is known for its simple, rustic and outdoorsy appeal. The small beach town on Oregon’s South Coast, about 30 miles north of the state line, is situated where the wild and mighty Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean, making it an absolute wonderland for outdoor recreational pursuits, both on the water and on the land. A moderate, though often rainy, climate makes outdoor recreation possible here all year round. Home to 2,000-plus year-round residents, Gold Beach hosts an abundance of visitors, the majority of whom come in summer. Though less highly developed than some coastal areas, Gold Beach welcomes visitors with a variety of accommodations, numerous restaurants and a wealth of outfitters who make it easy to get out and experience the great outdoors. Within the town is the scenic Port of Gold Beach, Oregon, a place to enjoy the sight of boats in the harbor, arrange a river tour or ocean fishing charter, eat seafood or browse an art gallery. The village of Agness, about an hour inland, is a popular site for fishing, rafting or hiking in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.   

Favorite Outdoor Activities in Gold Beach, Oregon

The list of fun things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon, goes on and on: beachcombing and tidepooling on black-sand beaches, surfing Pacific Ocean waves, windsurfing and kiteboarding at the mouth of the Pistol River and Rogue Jetty, whale watching at Cape Sebastian, horseback riding on the beach, Jet boat tours and whitewater rafting in the Rogue River, ocean fishing, kayak fishing and fly fishing, hiking the Oregon Coast Trail, biking in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and so much more. Add in crabbing, climbing, standup paddleboarding, birding, scenic drives, golf, museums, a theater company, Prehistoric Gardens, shops, restaurants and annual events, and you’ll never get bored in Gold Beach — unless you want to, in which case you’ll find all the solitude you need. Use this site to find everything you need to know about having fun in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Gold Beach, Oregon, Hotels and More

Gold Beach, Oregon, hotels range from oceanfront resorts with all the amenities to rustic lodges with river views. There are RV resorts and campgrounds, simple motels, multistory hotels and an enchanting bed and breakfast inn. Those who want to get closer to nature can camp in the nearby national forest. If you want a home away from home, vacation rentals of all sorts are available as well, including small cottages, large oceanfront homes, riverside cabins and everything in between. This site will lead you to all of your options for places to stay in Gold Beach, Oregon. 

Gold Beach, Oregon, Restaurants

To satisfy your hunger in between all of your outdoor adventures, you’ll find a nice variety of restaurants in Gold Beach, Oregon. Of course you’ll want to try all the local seafood you can get, including salmon, halibut, tuna, Dungeness crab, clams and oysters. You’ll find fish and chips and clam chowder to be popular seafood dishes in these parts. Gold Beach, Oregon, restaurants also include coffee shops, upscale dinner establishments, casual pub fare, pizza places, riverside breakfast establishments, a small craft brewery and more. Browse our listings to find all of your dining options in Gold Beach, Oregon. 

Plan a Visit – Gold Beach, Oregon

If you’re planning a trip to Gold Beach, Oregon, use this site to find the information you need for your visit. We list the accommodations, vacation rentals, restaurants, shops, attractions and things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon, to make it easy for you to find your away around this charming beach town on the Southern Oregon Coast.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Gold Beach, Oregon, weather like?

Temperatures in this area are mild and typically go no lower than 40 degrees and not much above 80 degrees. Gold Beach has cool, very wet winters and mild, relatively dry summers. Most of the rain falls between October and April. Snow is very rare in Gold Beach. 

Is the sand gold at Gold Beach, Oregon?

Actually, no. The sand is brown to black in color. But actual gold has been found at the beach there, which is why the town has that name. In 1852 explorers discovered gold and other precious metals in the rivers and along the beaches in this area. The southern coast of Oregon is still home to concentrations of placer gold, very fine particles of gold and platinum that can be found in the beach sands. The Rogue River is a major placer gold producer and holds potential for gold prospectors, though there are restrictions on how and where you can search for your fortune.

What is the best time of year to visit Gold Beach, Oregon?

July and August are the driest and warmest months and therefore for the most popular months for visitors. Peak season in summer means that accommodations cost more and, of course, there are more people vying for space in the restaurants and hiking trails. Fall, winter and spring are generally rainy in Gold Beach, but days of sunshine and moderate temperatures make year-round visits enjoyable. Many people love the solitude of winter in Gold Beach; though many, but not all, of the businesses will be closed, the beaches and outdoor recreation areas are delightfully uncrowded. 

What do people do for a living in Gold Beach, Oregon?

After explorers found gold and other precious metals at Gold Beach in 1852, the area was settled by prospectors. While there is still some mining of cobalt, nickel and chromium in the area, the economy in the region is now based on agriculture, recreation, tourism and forest products.  

What is the best time of year for whale watching in Gold Beach, Oregon?

Gray whales migrate southbound in this area between December and early February and tend to travel about 2 miles offshore. Northbound pods pass here from March through May and tend to be closer to shore. There are some local whales who permanently reside off the Oregon coast. Calm mornings and evenings are the best times to spot them. Whale-watching charters are available. One of the best local vantage points for spotting whales is Cape Sebastian, 5 miles south of Gold Beach.